As allergy season approaches, we would like to announce a new and exciting treatment we are able to offer to our canine patients!

Canine atopic dermatitis is a common allergic skin disease. It may be caused by genes that make your dog more likely to have a reaction when exposed to allergens. It can also be triggered by allergens in certain seasons, as well as in the allergens in the environment year-round. Over time, the skin can become itchy, red, scaly, and irritated, and if left untreated, there is a risk of hair loss, as well as skin and ear infections.

Cytopoint is an innovative new therapy that targets itch at its source to help relieve the signs of atopic dermatitis in dogs. It is also known as “CADI,” which stands for canine atopic dermatitis immunotherapeutic.

It is different from traditional drugs that treat itch, in that it works like your dog’s immune system. It contains engineered antibodies, which is what an animal’s immune system uses to defend the body against infection or disease.

The antibodies in Cytopoint have been designed to specifically target and neutralize one of the main proteins that sends itch signals to the brain. This results in less self-trauma and irritation to the skin, which allows more time for damaged skin to heal.

Cytopoint is safe to use in dogs of any age, and can be used with many other commonly used medications and concurrent diseases. One Cytopoint injection helps control itch for 4 to 8 weeks, and effects have been seen as soon as one day after the injection is given. Some dogs have year-round disease and may need continuous treatment, while others may only need Cytopoint when symptoms worsen.

Please visit for additional information on Cytopoint, and contact Medical District Veterinary Clinic at Illinois today if you would like to try Cytopoint for your dog.

Amber Slaughter, DVM
Medical District Veterinary Clinic