vet techs

Veterinary technicians are vital to our practice and to the care of your pets. If we were to compare a veterinary technician to a position in the human medicine field, they play a role very similar to a registered nurse (RN). October 16-22 was National Veterinary Technician Week. I would like to let our clients know how much we appreciate all our technicians do for us.

The following is a short list of the many duties they perform: providing client education on wellness care, behavior recommendations, nutritional recommendations, preparing animals for exams or surgery, monitoring animals during surgery, collecting lab samples, running laboratory test, taking X-rays, administering medications and vaccines, and maintaining patient records.

Here at Medical District Veterinary Clinic we are fortunate to have six certified veterinary technicians on staff. Thank you to our amazing team: Candace Crawford, Kelsie Dolezal, Alexandra Garcia, Kyleen Linsemeyer, Crystal Redinger, and Priscilla Wegrzyn. Next time you are in let them know how much you appreciate them—this clinic would not be the same without them. See our profiles of them on our Facebook page.

Drew Sullivan, DVM, Director
Medical District Veterinary Clinic